Speen Festivals

In 1999 Martin & Marjorie Stockley thought it would be a great idea to hold a Pageant about the history of Speen. This would bring to life the contents of the book “The Leaves of Time” that Bob Johnston wrote with Martin about Speen. (Copies of which can still be purchased from Speen Stores – just ask for a copy.)
The Pageant itself was inspired by a book written in the late 1930’s by Mary Kelly entitled “How to make a Pageant”.
See the original Programme for “The Leaves of Time” – Click Here
This was the start of the Speen Festivals which commenced two years later in 2001 and have continued every other year since. The Speen Festival is a wide ranging, week long festival – with the main focus being a musical.
The first musical was an original, written by Martin and Marjorie about Alice.
See the original Programme for Alice – Click Here

Speen Festival has it’s own Website and Facebook page, but here, on the Speen Village Website, we record the history and have some dedicated space for individual festivals, including the latest one.